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Super Blow Out!

A complete list of comparisons and contrasts between the two starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl 50 would stretch from one pylon at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, around the other three, and all the way back to the beginning again. So I'll share my favorites, followed by a prediction.

1) The 13 year age gap between Denver's Peyton Manning and Panther Cam Netwon is the widest between starting QBs in Super Bowl history.

2) Never before have both Super Bowl combatants featured starting quarterbacks who were former Number 1 picks in the NFL Draft, until now: Peyton from Tennessee in 1998 and Cam out of SEC rival Auburn in 2011. (...while we're at it, it's also the first time the top two picks from the same Draft have faced off in the Super Bowl, as Von Miller's (Texas A&M) name was called minutes after Newton's.)

3) Stylistically, you couldn't pit two more different quarterbacks against each other if you had the option of hand-picking them. Manning represents the old guard. Tradition. A dying breed. He's the classic pocket passer, who puts up virtually all his numbers through the air.  Newton, on the other hand, is like hip-hop - moving in to supplant rock 'n roll in the mainstream. He's the poster child of the rising generation of multi-threat signal callers who keep defenses on their collective toes by attacking with their feet as well as their arms.

Author and playwright David Mamet once said "old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance." Mamet might have been better served saying, "usually," because Cam's Panthers will dine on Manning and the Broncos in Palo Alto to the tune of 44-21.

*POSTSCRIPT: Here's hoping you didn't take THAT prediction to Vegas!


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